Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New recordings just added

So I hope these will suffice for the time being.  I still owe more shows to post and I still need to log the set lists, but at least there is something new to listen to for a while. 

Set list 4/22/2011

Recognition 4/22/2011

Set list to follow

Instrumental 4/22/2011

Set list to follow

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/22/2011

Set list to follow

Set list 4/15/2011 Guest: Clifton aka Soft Touch

So Clifton did the first half of both Recognition and Instrumental the second half I followed with.  Then of course I did Ned's Mystery Machine for the few minutes before Stella shows up.  I must confess the recordings are a little messed up because I forgot to change the settings from the previous use.  Anyways the music is still there and its beautiful.  So here are the links and soon there will be the sets up also.

Recognition 4/15/11 Guest: Clifton

Set to follow

Instrumental 4/15/11 Clifton's set

Instrumental 4/15/11 Ned's set

Set lists to follow

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/15/11

Set list to follow

Set list 4/8/2011 Guest Shoe

Okay so I will finish filling in this later but here are the shows:

Recogntion 4/8/11 w/ Shoe

Set list to follow

Instrumental 4/8/11 Guest: Shoe

Set list to follow

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/8/11

Set list to follow

Okay I have been slacking like crazy!

So this is what I am going to do.  I really need to post both set lists and recordings, but I am so behind I feel engulfed.  So I will post a bunch of recordings and then in the coming weeks I will fill in the set lists.  If you are hurting to know a song then just request that set list and I will get on it.  Anyways I apologize, but I just haven't been feeling being productive.  I have been so busy I want to just chill in my spare time. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Okay here is my present concern.

All these mixes are being stored on dropbox.  My dropbox just hit capacity.  Which means I need to either spend $100 to be able to add a bunch more mixes or convince people who like my blog to take 3-5 minutes out of their life and open a dropbox account from my referal.  What this will do will temporarily easy my burden of needing more space (though it is just a bandage, but I don't have $100).  With your referral I will be given a bit of extra space.  It will cost you nothing to open an account and they will not send you any crap besides a welcome letter.  So please held me add music:


Thank you,


Friday, April 22, 2011

Okay People I owe you

I know I need to get last weeks set up and running.  It will be coming.  I got a busy day tomorrow, but if I can get up early enough I will get both tonight's set and last weeks set up.  I apologize.  That whole link mayhem really set me for a spin.  I am still struggling with this fancy computer age that we live in, but one day I will catch up.  Anyways hope you can tune in tonight, but if not you can check it later.  Peace,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So there is a problem with the links!!

Okay, it looks like my dropbox account has been suspended for to much traffic.  Dropbox is the mechanism which houses all of my mixes.  As happy as I am that people are digging the site this sucks!  So I will be trying to figure out how to resolve this problem.  Once again I know nothing about computers so I will attempt my best to resolve this issue or if worse comes to worse my links will work again in 3 days...Actually I just had an idea!  Hopefully it works and I should be up and running later today, well at least I can get yesterdays mix up. No promises, but wish me good luck.  Sorry for the inconvenience and if it is your first time here I hope you will return to hear. 


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Set list 4/8/2011

What up everybody!  So everything seemed to workout this week.  I was hanging out with Shoe and we did a little back and forth for the most part.  Occasionally either him or I would play a couple tracks.  Lot of chillin' and shooting the shit so the set is pretty kickback for the most part.  Big shout out to Shoe for spinning and hanging.  Hope you all enjoy it.  Right click on the titles if you want to download the mix.  I believe one of the mixes starts during the second song, I forget every week that I am suppose to record.  Oops!

Recogntion 4/8/2011

Luther Ingrem- How I miss my baby
Johnnie Taylor- Doing my own thing
Free Movement- Zulu King
Motherlode- When I die
Gil Scott-Heron- Winter in America
Soul Steppers- Steppin' Up
minnie Ripperton- Memory Band
Aretha Franklin- See Saw
Ohio Players- Spining
Betty Everett- What is it
Charles Wright- Silly Little Girl
Little Ann- Sweep it out in the shed
Curtis Mayfield- Can not find a way
Fela Kuti- Alagbon close

Instrumental 4/8/2011

Brother Jack McDuff- Hunk O'Funk
Cedar Walter- Off Minor
Freddie Robinson- Monkin' Around
Gabor Szabo- Three Fisher Kings
Mongo Santameria- Yesterday's Tomorrow
Ramsey Lewis- Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey
Bo Hansen- The Sun
Clark Hutchinson- Impromptu in E Minor
Miroslav Vitous- Aim your eye
Willie Mitchell- Bum Daddy

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/8/2011

Big Daddy Kane- Smooth Operator
Saint Tropez- Belle De Jour
Andy Votel- Canter
Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer- Earth

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Set list 4/1/2011

Hello Folks,
So it looks like I did a better job of recording this week so that's a plus.  I am still getting use to the recorder though and I think in the Recognition set there might be a 2-3second pause that happens during Footsteps in the Dark.  Well actually you will not notice the pause, but you will notice a part of the song that sounds like it skips and thats because I hit pause.  So with that said I hope you can forgive me and I hope you still enjoy the tunes.  Also I would love it if you could become a follower of this blog if you like it.  That would really brighten my day and its my bday in a few days so it could be a present to me.  Anyways thanks for checking out the blog.  Also if you did not know, before you click on the link you can right click and you can download the recording if you so please.  Much love & thanks for your time,

Recognition 4/1/2011

Clarence Carter- Jenning's Alley
Isley Brothers- Footsteps in the Dark
Tyrone Davis- In the Mood
Nina Simone- Don't let me be misunderstood
Buddy Miles- Down by the River
Cymande- Dove
Ripple- I don't know what it is, but it sure is funky
Honey Cone- Innocent til Proven Guilty
Rufus Thomas- Breakdown
Hidden Strength- Why does it feel so good
Yvonne Fair- Let your hair down
Funkadelic- Hit it & Quit it

Instrumental 4/1/2011

Heath Brothers- Smilin' Billy Suite
Lou Donaldson- Peepin'
Markettes- Out of limits
Dave Cruisin- Keep your eye on the Sparrow
Ceyleib People- Aton II
Collapsable Mammals- Travel Theme #2
Lazar Swords- Kuppa Boss Mode
Dark Party- Active
Venetian Snares- Felbomlasztott Mentokocsi
Victor Tostitos- Traffic w/ Guest Richard Last's let the devil laugh
Bobby Beausoleil- Lucifer Rising (soundtrack track #1)

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/1/2011

Soreng Sani- Iron Man
Larry Coryell- Soul Dirge
The Illusion- Run, Run, Run
Ohio Express- First Grade Teacher (the recording ends during this song due to lack of space)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Set list 3/24/2011

Okay so I apologize for this taking so long to get out.  I was extremely lazy all weekend and the truth of the matter is that when I recorded the set I messed up the recording so bad that I missed all of Recognition and I only recorded part of Instrumental.  Because of this blunder I was less enthralled to spend Saturday morning attempting to complete this.  Luckly there was no guest deejay so the only person to get upset is me...well and those of you who expected to listen to it.  Anyways thanks for hopefully being understanding and ya that is all.  Much love,


Eddie Kendricks- Girl you need a change of mind
Skull Snaps- Trespassing
Three Degrees- Collage
Willie Hobbs- Do your own thing
Black Heat- Chicken Head
Little Sister- Stanga
George Duke- Prepare yourself
Roberta Flack- Killing me softly
Watts 103rd St. Band- Something you got
Rufus & Khan- Tell me something good
Betty Wright- I love the way you love

*Just a heads up as I type this I remember how horribly I was tracking everything (Hence also the problem with the recorder) and I have no clue if I forgot stuff or what.  I do recall playing the beginning of something at 45 that should have been played at 33 so maybe its best this set just drifts off into space...
**On that note, now I am actually listening to what I did record.  I actually recorded my friends and I hanging out and shooting the shit as opposed to the set.  What happened is I plugged the end I record into the headphones and I plugged the headphone end into what should have been recorded.  Dumb ass!

***Ok it turns out I messed up all of the recordings.  Oops, lets see if I can shoot for something better next week.


Richard "Groove" Holmes- Song for my father
Mayafra Combo- Mercy Mercy Mercy
Jimmy McGriff- Blues for a broken down funky old bus
Mort Garson- Ode to an African Violet
Alias- Oakland in the Rear view
Flowers Traveling Band- Satori III
John McLaughlin- Siren
Trans Am-
Grails- All the Colors of the Dark
Paul Mauriat- Mama

Ned's Mystery Machine

Caterina Valente- Kiss of Fire
Gandolf- Hang on to a dream
They Cycle- The Visit
Paupers- South Down Road

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Set list 3/18/2011 Guest: The Markness

So Mark and I basically went back and forth through both of these sets.  Occasionally one of us would play a couple songs and Shoe was also up and hanging out and he dropped a track or two.  Good times, I hope you all enjoy.  Oh there was one downer for the evening... Ned Learner's Mystery Machine did not occur due to time constraints.  That just means the gems will pile up until the next mystery.  Finally I tried my best to read the Markness' writing, but I apologize for any mistakes that I have made.  Much love,

Recognition 3/18/11 9-10 pm

Elaine Brown- Child in the World
Bessie Griffin- Lord don't move the mountain
Melvin Johnson- Cold Duck Time
Freddie Robinson- Off the Cuff
Gene Harris- LosAlamitosLatinFunkLoveSong
Bobby Humphrey- Fun House
Yusef Lateef- Jungle Plum
Detroit Emeralds- You're getting a little too Smart
Rotary Connection- Hey Love
King Floyd- Here it is
Black Merda- Black Merda
Raeletts- Keep it to yourself
Miles Davis- Black Satin
Yusef Lateef- Tehnological Homosapien
Rahul Der Burman- Title music from the Burning Train

Instrumental 3/18/11 10-11pm

Giogio Moroder- Tears
Gerard Levecque & Claude Romat- Grey Pepper
Harvey Mandell- Baby Batter
Francois De Roubaix- Le Frite Equitoriale
Bo Hansson- Time & Space
Kalyanji Anandji- Theme Music (Sad)
Dunwitch Horror (soundtrack)- Necronomicon
Piero Umiliani- La Rinunciq (can't read his writing, I think this is right)
John Fahey- The Portland cement factory & Monolith Calif.
Ennio Morricone- Rodeo
O'Donel Levy- People Make the Wold Go Round
Edgar Froese- if 810
MRR/ADM- track 1 from "untitled 10 inch"
Didn't You Here (soundtrack)- Death talk & Jeep Ride
Combat!- Heavy Accent
Rarebit- Tape Shreds

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Set list 3/4/2011 Fill in: Dj Shoe & Mr. Piklz

So I was out at a wedding this night so Shoe filled in and brought Mr. Piklz with him.  Big thanks to both of them for covering for me.  People been asking for this set list and luckily I found this set list up at the station on friday so if I can read the writing it should be an accurate description of what you heard.    Peace,

Recognition 9-10pm

Minnie Riperton- Les Fleur
Smokey Robinson- A legend in its own time
Allen Toussaint- World Wide
Cymande- Bra
Eddie Kendricks- Date with the Rain
James Brown- Blind Men can See It
Little Ann- Deep Shadows
Brenda Holloway- I've been good to you
Foster Sylvers- Hang on Sloopy
Stevie Wonder- Thursday heartbreak
Alvin Cash & the Crawlers- Twine Time
Laura Lee- Crumbs off the table
The 3 Degrees- You're the fool
Dionne Warwick- You're gonna need me
The Mad Lads- Gone are the promises of yesterday
The JB's- I wanna hug my baby @ the disco
James Brown- Mama feel Good
Charles Wright- Silly little girl

Instrumental 10-11pm

Al Stewarts MMB2- All is fair in love
Giorgio Moroder- Tears
David Axelrod- Merlin's prophecy/ Mental Traveler
Ramsey Lewis- Slipping into Darkness
John Coltrane- Spiral
O'Donel Levy- People make the world go round
Chico Hamilton- Outrageous
David Axelrod- Terri's Tune
Los Destellos- Tu Don De Estas?
King Crimson- Larks Tongue Aspic
Reverbs- Adagio
Dave Grusin- 3 Days of the Condor theme song
Disque de Levere- Mad Sex
Los Destellos- Me Resiqnane (can't read the writing)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Set list 3/11/2011 Guest: Mr.Numberwonderful

What up people!  I hope everyone had a nice week.  I want to thank Mr.Numberwonderful for coming up and djing with me last night.  He spun some great tracks.  He ran Recognition and then on Instrumental we went back and forth.  Then on Ned's Mystery Machine I dropped those tracks.  Just a little heads up.  The recording on Recognition starts off a little poor.  I didn't adjust the levels correctly until maybe 10minutes in.  Also Mr.Numberwonderful was given a crash course in learning how to run the boards and that didn't go very smooth in the beginning (I was a poor teacher busy eating my dinner).  Anyways much love for listening.  Oh one last thing, I am struggling to read some of Mr.Numberwonderful's writing so I might have things off slightly, sorry.

Recognition 9-10pm 3/11/11

Cameo- Funk Funk
Bill Withers- Sometimes a Song
Lee Dorsey- Occapella
Muddy Waters- Tom CAt
Flash Fearless- Super Snatchy
Meters- Just kissed my Baby
Average White Band- TLC
Head Hunters- God make me Funky
Blackbyrds- Do It Fluid
Fatback Band- Put your love
Baby Huey- Hard Times
Mandrill- Fence Walk
Lovomaniacs- Sex

Instrumental 10-11pm 3/11/11

Nite-Lighters- Do the Granny
Deodato- September 13th
Algebrique- Shoche
Galt MacDermot- Ripped Open by Metal Explosions
9th Creation- Bubble Gum
Idris Muhammad- Power of Soul
Chakachas- Jungle Fever
Ventures- Indian Summer
P. Wilsher- Gooseberry Fool
Karl Hector & the Malcouns- NYX
Lamont Dozier- Free Your Mind
Miles Davis- Honky Tonk
Les Baxter- Hogin Machine
Margueritas- Magherita
Fatback Band- Let the Drums Speak
Barry White- I Wanna Stay

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-? 3/11/11

Seeds- Just Let Go
Silver Apples- Lovefingers
Yvonne Fair- Let Your Hair Down
Captain Beyond- Dancing Madly Backwards
Blues Project- If you got to make a fool of somebody
Simon Sound- Tour De France

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Set list 2/25/2011

Click on titles to listen to set.  Thanks for listening!

Recognition 9-10pm

Impressions- The Young Mods Story
Eddie Kendricks- My People... Hold On
Willie Wright- Jackies Song
Voco-Why was I born
Dyke and the Blazers- So Sharp
Black Heat- Honey Love
Gospel Comforters- Yes God is Real
Jimmy Caster- It's Just Begun
Temptations- Stop the War

Instrumental 10-11pm

Roy Ayers- Ain't no Sunshine
Originals- Pure Soul
Gabor Szabo- Gahtea's Guitar
Black Ox Orkestar- Violen Duet
Grails- Almost Grew My Hiar (off their soon to be released Deep Politics album)
Black Prairie- Ostinato del Camito
Janne Schaffer- Atlanta Inn
Dennis Coffey- Getting to know him
John Cale/ Terry Riley- Church of Anthrax
Skip Sherwood- Jeep Ride

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-?(sorry no link)

Clark Hutchinson- Free to be Stoned
Nektar- Nelly the Elephant

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Set list 2/18/2011

Okay so here are the set list and if you click on the titles of the shows they will link to a live recording.

Recognition 9-10pm 2/18/2011

Tracy Driscoll & Brian Auger- Season of the Witch
Raeletts- Come get it I got it
Millie Jackson- The memory of a wife
Merry Clayton- Southern Man
Ramsey Lewis- Do whatever sets you free
Mar-Keys- Could Nine
Olympic Runners- Get this thing down
Donald Byrd- Boom Boom
Black Byrds- Dreaming about you
Fred Wesley & the JB's- Little Boy Black
Undisputed Truth- Spaced Out

Instrumental 10-11pm 2/18/2011

Deodato- Also Sprach Zarathustra
Billy Cobham- Stratus
David Newman- Thirteenth Floor
Lonnie Smith- Psychedelic Pl.
Brother Jack McDuff- Down Home Style
Melvin Jackson- Funky Skull
Soul Mann & the Brothers- Bumpy's Lament
Mulatu Astatqe- Kasalefkut Hulu
Balachander- Sarasa Saama Dhaana

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-?pm 2/18/2011

Francoise Hardy- Je Serai La Pour Toi
Lenard Cohen- Lover Lover Lover
Jed Gould- LACA Perv
La Logia Sarabanda- Todes O Ninguno
Shuggie Otis- Jennie Lee
Labelle- Morning Much Better
Axelrod- The Fly

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So on V-day I had a ton of people checking the blog.  I am unsure of why this is the case, but it makes me feel like I owe a V-day mix.  So to resolve this situation I will talk to Dj Honeysuckle and see if she can dig up this V-day mix I made her a few years ago.  She is a Beatles junky so I put together an all soul Beatles tribute album.  I can't recall if it is a mix or if it is tracked out individually, but I will get that up if we can find it. 

My new recording device...

Shall be appearing in the mail any day now and I plan on putting up some mixes that I record from the homestead.  I am very excited, I have already pulled some records for this momentous occasion.  Though I have only pulled records and have not practiced any kind of mixing I still think there will be some fun mixes coming soon, so please stay tuned!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Set list 2/11/2011 Guest C. Mammals

So Mammals and I went mostly one for one up until the final show, the new show, Ned's Mystery Machine.  Then I just played a few tracks.  Here is the set list:

Recogntion 9-10pm

Cordon Bleu- Third line pt. 1
Gloria Lynne- I'll take you all the way there
Cold Blood- Let me down easy
Allan Tousaint- Fingers and Tows
Wat & Burton- Love is all around
Creative Source- Harlem
DArk Star- Holy Roller
Bobby Lyle- the Genie
Much Machine- Its for you
Companion- Living up to love
Warp 9- Light years away
Orange Juice Jones- the Rain

Instrumental 10-11pm

Cerrone 3- In the smoke
Hawaii 5-0 - Beach trip
Tortoise- (just a part of) Cliff Dweller Society
Miles Davis/ Bill Laswell- Rated x/Billy Preston
Lord Newbirth- Astro Blue
Madlib- Oakland, CA
Nosaj Thing- Cave
J Dilla- Shoomp
JC- Vocal Chords
Rockwilder remix of DITC- Thick (inst.)
Blockhead-11:35 (inst.)
Collapsible Mammals- Travel Theme #2
Flying Lotus-Stunts rmx
Young Jazz Rebels- Miss K
Margueritas- Margherita

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-Stella shows up

Telegraph Ave.- Something Going
Psychedelic Aliens-okponmo ni tsitsi emo le
Hugo Montenegro- Dizzy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Healamonster & Tarsier live on Instrumental

Okay so here is another live performance from Instrumental.  This is totally rare because this band is not an instrumental band, but they are for this.  Check it out its sweet, make you feel AWESOME! 

Healamonster & Tarsier live on Instrumental 6/25/10

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For some great tracks..

check out my buddies blog:  Killer Octopus

I'm enjoying the instrumental hip-hop mix right now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tonight I put up two live performances

Check out both live performances from Dj Frane and Collapsible Mammals.  They are in the two prior posts.  These were both very amazing performances.  Two different vibes, but both really can find a specific time and place in your life so check em.'  If you want to hear other mixes search by the label "mix" and you will find other tunes to enjoy.  Peace,


Dj Frane & Friends live 2/06/09

 Dj Frane came up one day with a slew of musicians and they just jammed.  Many of them had never played together before.  The only consistency in the band was that Frane asked them each to come up and play.  They were amazing!  I love listening to this. 

Click on the link below:

Dj Frane and Friends live 2/06/09

Collapsible Mammals live on 1/30/09

 So this is a live set by Collapsible Mammals and has guests Adam Avitabile on drums & Justin Cole on guitar.  This sounds great, I have not listened to it in forever, but really diggin it right now!  Hope you like it.

collapsible mammals live 1/30/09

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Set list 2/4/2011: the birth of Ned's Mystery Machine

Okay what is exciting about this night is that I decided that I will start a new show.  I decided this at about 11:03pm.  Stella is usually running late about 10-15 minutes...so what that means is that I will take this time to play the music that does not fit into either of my shows and play it during this time.  This will be music that I am currently listening to and wanting to share, but just did not have the avenue to share it.  So please stay tuned for more of Ned's Mystery Machine. 

Recognition 9-10pm

Betty Wright- I love the way you love
New Birth- You are what I'm all about
Free Movement- Where do we go
Bloodstone-Wasted time
Joe Quarterman-Give me back my freedom
Ramsey Lewis-Jungle Strut
Henry Mancini- Tommy Gun (New Version)
Hodges, James & Smith- Turn the People on
The Counts- Thinking Single
The Family Vibes-Garbage Man
George Duke-Funny Funk
Isis-April Fool
Dyke & the Blazers-You are my sunshine
James Brown- I got the Feelin
Little Johnny Taylor-Sweet soul woman

Instrumental 10-11pm

Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Rahsaanica
Edgar Froese- af765
Gil Melle (Andromeda Strain)- Desert Trip
Isotope 217- Meta Bass
Grover Washington-Knucklehead
Larry Coryell- The Great Escape
Joe Farrell-Upon this Rock
Jimmy McGriff-Funky Junk
Ricahrd Davis- What'd you say

Ned's Mystery Machine 11pm- whenever Stella Shows up 

Aesop's Fables- What is love
La Logica Sarabandia- Guyaba
The Flirtations- Nothing but a Heartache

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What do you people want me to put on this blog?  Is there any set lists that I slept on or any sets that I can attempt to dig up that I have audio on or what?  I plan on getting up a few more live performances soon.  I will be putting up the Frane and friends live set.  Rona and I have been playing phone tag, but I am sure Healamonster & Tarsier will allow me to add their live instrumental set.  Is there any other live performances that people might be interested in and that I can dig up?  Might be able to dig up the OJO live performance also.  Let me know.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/28/2011 Guest: Deejay Frane

Sorry this took a couple days to get up, but its up so enjoy.  Unfortunately I do not have a recording of this show, but if you do or know someone who might please have them post it.  I would love to be able to listen to some of the tracks again.  Big shout out to Frane for coming up, hanging out, and spinnin' tunes.  We went one-for-one with me throwing on the first record.  I will try my best to read his writing.

Recognition 9-10pm

Latimore- Home fire burning
Bobby Rush- Mary Jane
Black Heat- Chicken Head
Horace Silver- Acid, Pot or Pills
Bobby Humphrey- Fun House
Full Speed- It must be love
Sly, Slick & Wicked- Love Gonna Pack Up
Frank Hutson- Old man me
Dells- Im a man
Don Julian & the Larks-Low Rider Girl
Luther Ingram- To the other man
Rufus Thomas- 60 Minute Man
King Floyd- Boby let me kiss you
Bohannon-Save their Souls
Candi Stanton- Love Chain
Eddie Hazel- California Dreaming
Eddie Holman-Stranded in a Dream

Instrumental 10-11pm

Cecil Holmes-Freddie's Dead
Jay Berliner-Hey western union man
Bill Conti-Reflections
Gil Evans-Bil Bad
Dj Quick- Quicks Groove III
Howard Robertson-Ode to Billy Joe
Once (soundtrack)-The crab, the turtle, and the pelican
Sopwith Camel (I can't read the writing, but thats what it looks like)-Brief Synthopia
Klaus Weiss-Funky Art
Neil Norman-Dance fo the Hyenas
Didn't you hear (soundtrack)-Dead tree
Lalo Schifrin & Jeffy Fielding- Scorpio
Meaty Ogre- Leo Prowls
Dj Frane- Boat Man
Eliot Lipp-Rhyme War
Dr. Octagon- 3000 (instrumental)
Dj Frane- Bonus Banana Funk
Shocking Blue- Acka Ragh
Bo Hansson-Attic Thoughts

Monday, January 24, 2011

This Friday 1/28/2011

Guest dj for this week will be Dj Frane.  If you dig his set he will be djing Funky Sole at the Echo the next day, Saturday 1/29/2011.  So I hope you can check out both events.  Peace,


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Set list 1/21/2011 guest: Dj Shoe

So Shoe came up and we did a little one for one.  Here is the set list.

Recognition 9-10pm

Aretha Franklin- cry like a baby
Charles Wright- Comit
Chuck Jackson- Roller Coaster
Little Ann-What should I do
Yusef lateef- Technological Homosapien
Minnie Riperton- Les Fleur
Soul Children- Let's make a sweet thing sweeter
Ann Peebles- Run, Run, Run
Spiritual Concept- California Woman

Instrumental 10-11pm

Jeremy Storch-I feel a new shadow (this song was killed earlier because Shoe decided to start Instrumental with a song with words in it)
Henry Mancini-The really big heist
Axelrod-Song of Innocence
Idris Muhammad-Power of soul
Stan Getz- Night Rider
Ennio Moricone- The big gundown (this is the name of the soundtrack I am not sure if this is also the song)
Patrice Rushen-Kickin Back
Al Stewart Music Modern Brass II- All in love is fair
Michael White-The tenth pyramic
Dave Grusin-Sing along with the CIA (off of the 3 days of the Condor soundtrack)
Freddie Hubbard- Sing me a song of songmy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Computer's Memory has been saved!!!

This is great new!  Great great news!  What this means once it is all back in order and I can start transforming files I will be able to post a lot of previous sets.  Here is the deal.  I recorded about 6+ months of my show, random sets, live recordings, etc.  For the last 4+ months my computer has been dead.  So I don't even remember what is on there, but in the next several days I should be able to begin accessing it all again.  So stay tuned.  Oh also check some of the comments to older posts because people are uploading sets to download that I don't even have. 

Set list 12/3/2010 guest: Rock Cousteau

So here is a requested set list.  There is a slight problem though... Rock Cousteau and I spun both Recognition and Instrumental together.  As the evening went on we had more and more fun and by the time instrumental hit we stopped writing down a set list.  So... here is the Recognition set only. Sorry about that.

Recognition 9-10pm

New Birth- I can understand it
Gladys Knight- Cloud Nine
Temptations- What it is
BT Express- Do it til you're satisfied
George McCrae-I get lifted
Nu Shooz- I can't wait
Mtume- Juicy
Ann Peebles- Run Run Run
Doug Hammond- Wake up Brothers

Saturday, January 15, 2011

C. Mammals & Ned Learner action on 6/18/2010

Ok so one thing that I am huge on is having guests on the show and doing a little back and forth action.  So in this mix we are switching off every other song.  This is just one mix for both Recognition and Instrumental.  I do have the set list here also:

Collapsible Mammels & Ned Learner mix 6/18/2010

Just a heads up I can barely read C. Mammals writing so I had to guess on a few of his...

Recognition 9-10pm

Roy Ayers- He's  a superstar
Beau Dollar- I wanna go where the soul tree goes
Soul Mann & the Brothers- Walk from Regio's
Electric Company- Easy Rider
Lou Rawls- Season of the Witch
The Box Tops- Sweet Cream Ladies forward March
Geoffrey Stoner- River Song
Wilson Picket- Let me know
Fantastic Four- My love wont stop at nothing

Air Break

Mermaids- Comedy & Tragedy
Bobbye Hall- Ovinu Makaynu
Packers- Hole in the Wall
Shuggie Otis- ??? (oops I forgot to write it down)
Talya Faro- We could learn together
Friends of Distinction- It's Sunday

Instrumental 10-11pm

Jimmy McGriff- The Worm
Schiffrin/ Gillespie- Incantation
???- Age of Aquarius (all I remeber was that this was some really cool version that was not the original).
Tomita- Aranjuez
Bernard Hermann- Birth Traumas
Dave Holland- Spheres
????-????? (again I think this was some wierd rare track the C. Mammals had been given digitally, but he had no idea who or what).
Mort Garson- Music to soothe the savage snake plant
Mexicans with Guns- Los Perritos
Lazer Sword- Koopa Boss Mode
Travis Wamack- Scratchy
Lee Michaels- ???
Harvey Mandel- Before Six
Jason Lindh-???
????- Caravan

Sorry the end gets a little crazy with track listings, but this all I have as of now.  Maybe C. Mammals can patch some of these holes one day. 

9/13/2010 Recognition: Chris Griffiths/ Instrumental: Red Sparowes

Ok, so per request and the fact that I luckily had a recording on hand here is a set the Chris Griffiths did on Recognition.  The tail end of this mix actually transforms into the beginning of Instrumental.  The guests I had on Instrumental were Red Sparowes who were leaving for tour the next night... just actually found a complete recording of that during this post so I will have both sets up.  Hope you enjoy.

Recognition 9-10pm

Chris Griffiths on Recognition 9/13/2010

Instrumental 10-11pm

Red Sparowes on Instrumental 9/13/2010

Might be able to actually eventually dig up set list, but all in due time. 

set list 1/14/2011

Recognition 9-10pm

Little Sister- Stanga
Funkadelic- I Bet
Sugarcane Harris- Your Eternally
The Bar-Kays- It ain't easy
Lou Donaldson- Snake Bone
Meters- Sophisticated Cissy
Smiths- Baby its you
Dr. John- I walk on gilded splinters
Yvonne Fair- Tell me something good
Shirley Ellis- Nitty Gritty
Brother Jack McDuff- Vibrator
Loletta Holloway- Only a fool
Rene Bailey- Its too late for tears
Kool & the Gang- Rhyme Tyme People
Idris Muhammad- Say What

Instrumental 10-11pm

Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Rahsaanica
Tortoise-Cliff Dweller Society
Trans Am-  (no track list- label: Happy Go Lucky 1996. side A)
Nobody- The coast is Clear
Martin Denny- Quiet Village
Whitefield Brother - In the Raw
Harvey Mandel- Short's Stuff
Jayson Lindh- Light House
Herbie Hancock-Palm Grease
Stanley Turrentine- Sunshine Alley

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Break Cameras live on Instrumental

Ok so this starts with my set from Recognition then eventually goes into a live performance from "We Break Cameras." This occurred sometime in 2010.  I hope you like both parts.  I am unsure of the set that I played (I actually have not listen to this in forever, I just dug it up on DJ Honeysuckle's computer), I might be able to eventually find the set list.

Hopefully this works, remember this is all new to me.  I hope you enjoy.  If this does not work please let me know.  Thanks,

mix: We Break Cameras live on Instrumental

Alternative Download:


Chris Griffiths set on Recognition 11/26/10

Chris tore it up on Recognition this night.  Here is his set with way more info then my lazy butt will produce for you.  If you ever see his name on a flier for an event its a must.

Recognition 9-10pm

Starting at 9pm

1) Herbert Hunter - I was born to love you. On Spar records 9009
2) The Emotions - I can't take no more heart aches. On Brainstorm records125-A
3) The Paramount Four - You don't know. On Southern city records 1115
4) Lillian Dupree - Hide & Seek. On D-Town records 1051
5) Dee Irwin - I only get this feeling. On Imperial records 66295
6) Tina Britt - The real thing. On Eastern records 45-604
7) Theresa Lindsey - I'll bet you. On Golden World records 107686
8) Lorraine Chandler - I can't hold on. On RCA records 47-8980
9) The Mirettes - Take me for a little while. On Revue records 11017
10) The Sapphires - Gonna be a big thing. On ABC records 10753
11) Toni - Try my love. On Ten Star records 103
12) Jr. Walker & the All Stars - Shotgun. On Soul records 35008
13) Wade Flemons - Jeanette. On Ramsel records 1001
14) The Masqueraders - Do you love me baby. On Wand records
15) Little Tommy - Baby can't you see. Sound Of Soul records 104B

Air Break approximately 9:40pm

16) Little Willie John - I'm shakin' . On King records45-5823
17) Danny White - Keep my woman home. On Atteru records 2000-A1
18) Ike & Tina Turner - It's gonna work out fine. On Sue records 749
19) Jimmy Robins - I can't please you. On Jerhart records 2016A
20) Lonnie Lester - You can't go. On Nu-Tone records 1211
21) O' Jays - Hold on. On Minit records 32015
22) Howard Guyton - I watched you slowly slip away. On Verve records 10386
23) People Choice - Savin' my lovin' for you. On Palmer records 5020-A

Air Break approximately 10:05pm
Closing song
24) Freda Payne - In motion. On Sutra records 009 (12 inch single)

Instrumental 10-11pm (this is where I regained the board and finished off the night)

Cedar Walter- Off Minor
Isaac Hayes- Ikes Mood 1
Duke Ellington- Afrique
Leon Spensor- Superstition
Jimmy McGriff- The Bird Wave
Dennis Coffey- Whole lot of Love
Larry Coryell- Further Explorations for Albert Stinson
Voco- Cleo's Back
Cecil Holmes- Also Sprach Zarathrusta
Cymande- Dove

 There is some long ass tracks in that set!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eat your head off with toaster trash

So here is a mix I made for my friends blog that I will re-post here.  Check his blog its much cooler than mine and he is funny and made the art work.  These are things I am lacking, but here is the link:


click on "mix" and go from there.

set list 12/24/2010

So I did a part Christmas set and then went back into the traditional music I play.  Also if anyone is wondering what happened to the new years set... well it was a live broadcast from a house party at my house and the set list just did not happen.

Recogntion 9-10pm

Binky Griptite- Holdiay Breakdown 09
Soul Saints Orchestra- Santa's got a bag of soul
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra- Carol of the Bells
James Brown- Santa Claus go straight to the ghetto
Lou Rawls- The little Drummer Boy
Carla Thomas-Gee Whiz, its christmas
Sharon Jones & the Dapkings- aint no chimneys in the projects
Clarence Carter- Back door santa
the Ronettes- sleigh ride
Funky Machine- soul santa
Ray Charles- you are my sunshine
Little Ann- who are you trying to fool
Labelle-Morning much better
Sweetwater- Compared to what
Eddie Kendricks- Girl you need a change of mind
Baby Huey- Hard times
Roy Ayers- Brother Louie

Instrumental 10-11pm

Vince Guaraldi Trio- Linus & Lucy
Hampton Hawes-Go Down Moses
Soul Mann & the Brothers- Bumpys Lament
Harvey Mandel- Jive Samba
David Axelrod- Human abstract
DAvee Crusin- Keep you eye on the Sparrow
Joe Farrell- upon this rock
Karl Hector & the Malcouns- Jabore
S. Brugnolini- Reaction
Paul Mauriat-Suspicious Minds
Henry Mancini-Satin Soul
Dennis Coffey- Big City Funk
Phil Upchurch- Sitar Soul

First set list of the new year; 1/7/2011

This is the first show of the new year so clap your hands or something.

Recognition 9-10pm

Lani Hall- Love song
Joe Simon- It be's that way sometimes
Billy Paul- Brown baby
Lamont Dozier- Shine
Jackson 5- Never can say goodbye
Aretha Franklin- One step ahead
Elaine Brown- Little Baby (side note: I am obsessed with her right now)
Shirley Bassey- Light my fire
Tyrone Davis- In the mood
Ben E. King- Dont let me down
Three Degrees-Collage
Ann Peebles- I can't stand the rain
Freddie Robinson- Off the cuff
Carla Thomas- You've got a cushion to fall on
Sweet Inspirations- Let it be me

Instrumental 10-11pm

Ramsey Lewis- Cry Baby Cry
Galt MacDermot- Ripped open by metal explosions
Karl Hector & the Malcouns- Followed path
Lord Newbirth- Dime bag Conspiracy
Jimmy McGriff- It feels so nice (do it again)
Bobbye Hall- Copula
Reuben Wilson- Hot Rod
Mayafra Combo- Mercy Mercy Mercy
Cannonball Adderley-Tensity
Andre Previn- Executive Party Dance
San Remo Golden Strings- Hungry for love

I am so confused

Ok so this is my first attempt at a blog and I am way confused.  I am a simple man who likes simple things and as cool as computers are and can be 90% of this high tec world is over my head.  Already I tried to make my blog look a certain way and as I type this everything I have done has already disappeared. 

Anyways the goal behind this blog is to put set list up that I have concocted.  Every Friday night between 9-11pm I do two radio shows for Kxlu.  From 9-10pm I do a show called "Recogntion."  This show is all about soul.  Much of what I play comes out of the late 60's to early to mid 70's.  Occasionally I might play a new artist that is a throw back to this period.  There may even be the occasional show that hits the late 70's to possibly the early 80's.  Definitly not that often because my personal tastes don't really travel often down those roads, but you know music for me is about moods.  If I am in that mood you better recognize I will drop it. 

To continue on, from about 10-11pm I do another show which is called "Instrumental."  This show I started almost 9 years ago.  This show grew out of the feeling that everyone I knew and would meet was really obsessed with singers and their voices.  I wanted to remind people that what makes music great is the instruments being played.  Anyone can listen to words and arrive at what the artist is trying to portray, but its harder to come to the same conclusion as the artist when it is all about the feeling that is being passed through the music.  With this being said "Instrumental" was born.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  I love it, maybe you do to.  This show is really about just kicking back and riding a vibe.  So there you have it.  This is my first entry into a blog that I hope I have the patience to keep up.  I hope you can find enjoyment in this.

Besides for just dropping set lists here I hope to also provide you folks with actual mixes or links to mixes that I have made here or there.  Thanks so much for your time,

Ned Learner
kxlu.com or 88.9 fm los angeles
Friday Nights 9-11pm