Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New recordings just added

So I hope these will suffice for the time being.  I still owe more shows to post and I still need to log the set lists, but at least there is something new to listen to for a while. 

Set list 4/22/2011

Recognition 4/22/2011

Set list to follow

Instrumental 4/22/2011

Set list to follow

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/22/2011

Set list to follow

Set list 4/15/2011 Guest: Clifton aka Soft Touch

So Clifton did the first half of both Recognition and Instrumental the second half I followed with.  Then of course I did Ned's Mystery Machine for the few minutes before Stella shows up.  I must confess the recordings are a little messed up because I forgot to change the settings from the previous use.  Anyways the music is still there and its beautiful.  So here are the links and soon there will be the sets up also.

Recognition 4/15/11 Guest: Clifton

Set to follow

Instrumental 4/15/11 Clifton's set

Instrumental 4/15/11 Ned's set

Set lists to follow

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/15/11

Set list to follow

Set list 4/8/2011 Guest Shoe

Okay so I will finish filling in this later but here are the shows:

Recogntion 4/8/11 w/ Shoe

Set list to follow

Instrumental 4/8/11 Guest: Shoe

Set list to follow

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/8/11

Set list to follow

Okay I have been slacking like crazy!

So this is what I am going to do.  I really need to post both set lists and recordings, but I am so behind I feel engulfed.  So I will post a bunch of recordings and then in the coming weeks I will fill in the set lists.  If you are hurting to know a song then just request that set list and I will get on it.  Anyways I apologize, but I just haven't been feeling being productive.  I have been so busy I want to just chill in my spare time. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Okay here is my present concern.

All these mixes are being stored on dropbox.  My dropbox just hit capacity.  Which means I need to either spend $100 to be able to add a bunch more mixes or convince people who like my blog to take 3-5 minutes out of their life and open a dropbox account from my referal.  What this will do will temporarily easy my burden of needing more space (though it is just a bandage, but I don't have $100).  With your referral I will be given a bit of extra space.  It will cost you nothing to open an account and they will not send you any crap besides a welcome letter.  So please held me add music:


Thank you,


Friday, April 22, 2011

Okay People I owe you

I know I need to get last weeks set up and running.  It will be coming.  I got a busy day tomorrow, but if I can get up early enough I will get both tonight's set and last weeks set up.  I apologize.  That whole link mayhem really set me for a spin.  I am still struggling with this fancy computer age that we live in, but one day I will catch up.  Anyways hope you can tune in tonight, but if not you can check it later.  Peace,