Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Set list 3/24/2011

Okay so I apologize for this taking so long to get out.  I was extremely lazy all weekend and the truth of the matter is that when I recorded the set I messed up the recording so bad that I missed all of Recognition and I only recorded part of Instrumental.  Because of this blunder I was less enthralled to spend Saturday morning attempting to complete this.  Luckly there was no guest deejay so the only person to get upset is me...well and those of you who expected to listen to it.  Anyways thanks for hopefully being understanding and ya that is all.  Much love,


Eddie Kendricks- Girl you need a change of mind
Skull Snaps- Trespassing
Three Degrees- Collage
Willie Hobbs- Do your own thing
Black Heat- Chicken Head
Little Sister- Stanga
George Duke- Prepare yourself
Roberta Flack- Killing me softly
Watts 103rd St. Band- Something you got
Rufus & Khan- Tell me something good
Betty Wright- I love the way you love

*Just a heads up as I type this I remember how horribly I was tracking everything (Hence also the problem with the recorder) and I have no clue if I forgot stuff or what.  I do recall playing the beginning of something at 45 that should have been played at 33 so maybe its best this set just drifts off into space...
**On that note, now I am actually listening to what I did record.  I actually recorded my friends and I hanging out and shooting the shit as opposed to the set.  What happened is I plugged the end I record into the headphones and I plugged the headphone end into what should have been recorded.  Dumb ass!

***Ok it turns out I messed up all of the recordings.  Oops, lets see if I can shoot for something better next week.


Richard "Groove" Holmes- Song for my father
Mayafra Combo- Mercy Mercy Mercy
Jimmy McGriff- Blues for a broken down funky old bus
Mort Garson- Ode to an African Violet
Alias- Oakland in the Rear view
Flowers Traveling Band- Satori III
John McLaughlin- Siren
Trans Am-
Grails- All the Colors of the Dark
Paul Mauriat- Mama

Ned's Mystery Machine

Caterina Valente- Kiss of Fire
Gandolf- Hang on to a dream
They Cycle- The Visit
Paupers- South Down Road

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Set list 3/18/2011 Guest: The Markness

So Mark and I basically went back and forth through both of these sets.  Occasionally one of us would play a couple songs and Shoe was also up and hanging out and he dropped a track or two.  Good times, I hope you all enjoy.  Oh there was one downer for the evening... Ned Learner's Mystery Machine did not occur due to time constraints.  That just means the gems will pile up until the next mystery.  Finally I tried my best to read the Markness' writing, but I apologize for any mistakes that I have made.  Much love,

Recognition 3/18/11 9-10 pm

Elaine Brown- Child in the World
Bessie Griffin- Lord don't move the mountain
Melvin Johnson- Cold Duck Time
Freddie Robinson- Off the Cuff
Gene Harris- LosAlamitosLatinFunkLoveSong
Bobby Humphrey- Fun House
Yusef Lateef- Jungle Plum
Detroit Emeralds- You're getting a little too Smart
Rotary Connection- Hey Love
King Floyd- Here it is
Black Merda- Black Merda
Raeletts- Keep it to yourself
Miles Davis- Black Satin
Yusef Lateef- Tehnological Homosapien
Rahul Der Burman- Title music from the Burning Train

Instrumental 3/18/11 10-11pm

Giogio Moroder- Tears
Gerard Levecque & Claude Romat- Grey Pepper
Harvey Mandell- Baby Batter
Francois De Roubaix- Le Frite Equitoriale
Bo Hansson- Time & Space
Kalyanji Anandji- Theme Music (Sad)
Dunwitch Horror (soundtrack)- Necronomicon
Piero Umiliani- La Rinunciq (can't read his writing, I think this is right)
John Fahey- The Portland cement factory & Monolith Calif.
Ennio Morricone- Rodeo
O'Donel Levy- People Make the Wold Go Round
Edgar Froese- if 810
MRR/ADM- track 1 from "untitled 10 inch"
Didn't You Here (soundtrack)- Death talk & Jeep Ride
Combat!- Heavy Accent
Rarebit- Tape Shreds

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Set list 3/4/2011 Fill in: Dj Shoe & Mr. Piklz

So I was out at a wedding this night so Shoe filled in and brought Mr. Piklz with him.  Big thanks to both of them for covering for me.  People been asking for this set list and luckily I found this set list up at the station on friday so if I can read the writing it should be an accurate description of what you heard.    Peace,

Recognition 9-10pm

Minnie Riperton- Les Fleur
Smokey Robinson- A legend in its own time
Allen Toussaint- World Wide
Cymande- Bra
Eddie Kendricks- Date with the Rain
James Brown- Blind Men can See It
Little Ann- Deep Shadows
Brenda Holloway- I've been good to you
Foster Sylvers- Hang on Sloopy
Stevie Wonder- Thursday heartbreak
Alvin Cash & the Crawlers- Twine Time
Laura Lee- Crumbs off the table
The 3 Degrees- You're the fool
Dionne Warwick- You're gonna need me
The Mad Lads- Gone are the promises of yesterday
The JB's- I wanna hug my baby @ the disco
James Brown- Mama feel Good
Charles Wright- Silly little girl

Instrumental 10-11pm

Al Stewarts MMB2- All is fair in love
Giorgio Moroder- Tears
David Axelrod- Merlin's prophecy/ Mental Traveler
Ramsey Lewis- Slipping into Darkness
John Coltrane- Spiral
O'Donel Levy- People make the world go round
Chico Hamilton- Outrageous
David Axelrod- Terri's Tune
Los Destellos- Tu Don De Estas?
King Crimson- Larks Tongue Aspic
Reverbs- Adagio
Dave Grusin- 3 Days of the Condor theme song
Disque de Levere- Mad Sex
Los Destellos- Me Resiqnane (can't read the writing)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Set list 3/11/2011 Guest: Mr.Numberwonderful

What up people!  I hope everyone had a nice week.  I want to thank Mr.Numberwonderful for coming up and djing with me last night.  He spun some great tracks.  He ran Recognition and then on Instrumental we went back and forth.  Then on Ned's Mystery Machine I dropped those tracks.  Just a little heads up.  The recording on Recognition starts off a little poor.  I didn't adjust the levels correctly until maybe 10minutes in.  Also Mr.Numberwonderful was given a crash course in learning how to run the boards and that didn't go very smooth in the beginning (I was a poor teacher busy eating my dinner).  Anyways much love for listening.  Oh one last thing, I am struggling to read some of Mr.Numberwonderful's writing so I might have things off slightly, sorry.

Recognition 9-10pm 3/11/11

Cameo- Funk Funk
Bill Withers- Sometimes a Song
Lee Dorsey- Occapella
Muddy Waters- Tom CAt
Flash Fearless- Super Snatchy
Meters- Just kissed my Baby
Average White Band- TLC
Head Hunters- God make me Funky
Blackbyrds- Do It Fluid
Fatback Band- Put your love
Baby Huey- Hard Times
Mandrill- Fence Walk
Lovomaniacs- Sex

Instrumental 10-11pm 3/11/11

Nite-Lighters- Do the Granny
Deodato- September 13th
Algebrique- Shoche
Galt MacDermot- Ripped Open by Metal Explosions
9th Creation- Bubble Gum
Idris Muhammad- Power of Soul
Chakachas- Jungle Fever
Ventures- Indian Summer
P. Wilsher- Gooseberry Fool
Karl Hector & the Malcouns- NYX
Lamont Dozier- Free Your Mind
Miles Davis- Honky Tonk
Les Baxter- Hogin Machine
Margueritas- Magherita
Fatback Band- Let the Drums Speak
Barry White- I Wanna Stay

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-? 3/11/11

Seeds- Just Let Go
Silver Apples- Lovefingers
Yvonne Fair- Let Your Hair Down
Captain Beyond- Dancing Madly Backwards
Blues Project- If you got to make a fool of somebody
Simon Sound- Tour De France