Saturday, February 26, 2011

Set list 2/25/2011

Click on titles to listen to set.  Thanks for listening!

Recognition 9-10pm

Impressions- The Young Mods Story
Eddie Kendricks- My People... Hold On
Willie Wright- Jackies Song
Voco-Why was I born
Dyke and the Blazers- So Sharp
Black Heat- Honey Love
Gospel Comforters- Yes God is Real
Jimmy Caster- It's Just Begun
Temptations- Stop the War

Instrumental 10-11pm

Roy Ayers- Ain't no Sunshine
Originals- Pure Soul
Gabor Szabo- Gahtea's Guitar
Black Ox Orkestar- Violen Duet
Grails- Almost Grew My Hiar (off their soon to be released Deep Politics album)
Black Prairie- Ostinato del Camito
Janne Schaffer- Atlanta Inn
Dennis Coffey- Getting to know him
John Cale/ Terry Riley- Church of Anthrax
Skip Sherwood- Jeep Ride

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-?(sorry no link)

Clark Hutchinson- Free to be Stoned
Nektar- Nelly the Elephant

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Set list 2/18/2011

Okay so here are the set list and if you click on the titles of the shows they will link to a live recording.

Recognition 9-10pm 2/18/2011

Tracy Driscoll & Brian Auger- Season of the Witch
Raeletts- Come get it I got it
Millie Jackson- The memory of a wife
Merry Clayton- Southern Man
Ramsey Lewis- Do whatever sets you free
Mar-Keys- Could Nine
Olympic Runners- Get this thing down
Donald Byrd- Boom Boom
Black Byrds- Dreaming about you
Fred Wesley & the JB's- Little Boy Black
Undisputed Truth- Spaced Out

Instrumental 10-11pm 2/18/2011

Deodato- Also Sprach Zarathustra
Billy Cobham- Stratus
David Newman- Thirteenth Floor
Lonnie Smith- Psychedelic Pl.
Brother Jack McDuff- Down Home Style
Melvin Jackson- Funky Skull
Soul Mann & the Brothers- Bumpy's Lament
Mulatu Astatqe- Kasalefkut Hulu
Balachander- Sarasa Saama Dhaana

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-?pm 2/18/2011

Francoise Hardy- Je Serai La Pour Toi
Lenard Cohen- Lover Lover Lover
Jed Gould- LACA Perv
La Logia Sarabanda- Todes O Ninguno
Shuggie Otis- Jennie Lee
Labelle- Morning Much Better
Axelrod- The Fly

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So on V-day I had a ton of people checking the blog.  I am unsure of why this is the case, but it makes me feel like I owe a V-day mix.  So to resolve this situation I will talk to Dj Honeysuckle and see if she can dig up this V-day mix I made her a few years ago.  She is a Beatles junky so I put together an all soul Beatles tribute album.  I can't recall if it is a mix or if it is tracked out individually, but I will get that up if we can find it. 

My new recording device...

Shall be appearing in the mail any day now and I plan on putting up some mixes that I record from the homestead.  I am very excited, I have already pulled some records for this momentous occasion.  Though I have only pulled records and have not practiced any kind of mixing I still think there will be some fun mixes coming soon, so please stay tuned!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Set list 2/11/2011 Guest C. Mammals

So Mammals and I went mostly one for one up until the final show, the new show, Ned's Mystery Machine.  Then I just played a few tracks.  Here is the set list:

Recogntion 9-10pm

Cordon Bleu- Third line pt. 1
Gloria Lynne- I'll take you all the way there
Cold Blood- Let me down easy
Allan Tousaint- Fingers and Tows
Wat & Burton- Love is all around
Creative Source- Harlem
DArk Star- Holy Roller
Bobby Lyle- the Genie
Much Machine- Its for you
Companion- Living up to love
Warp 9- Light years away
Orange Juice Jones- the Rain

Instrumental 10-11pm

Cerrone 3- In the smoke
Hawaii 5-0 - Beach trip
Tortoise- (just a part of) Cliff Dweller Society
Miles Davis/ Bill Laswell- Rated x/Billy Preston
Lord Newbirth- Astro Blue
Madlib- Oakland, CA
Nosaj Thing- Cave
J Dilla- Shoomp
JC- Vocal Chords
Rockwilder remix of DITC- Thick (inst.)
Blockhead-11:35 (inst.)
Collapsible Mammals- Travel Theme #2
Flying Lotus-Stunts rmx
Young Jazz Rebels- Miss K
Margueritas- Margherita

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-Stella shows up

Telegraph Ave.- Something Going
Psychedelic Aliens-okponmo ni tsitsi emo le
Hugo Montenegro- Dizzy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Healamonster & Tarsier live on Instrumental

Okay so here is another live performance from Instrumental.  This is totally rare because this band is not an instrumental band, but they are for this.  Check it out its sweet, make you feel AWESOME! 

Healamonster & Tarsier live on Instrumental 6/25/10

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

For some great tracks..

check out my buddies blog:  Killer Octopus

I'm enjoying the instrumental hip-hop mix right now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tonight I put up two live performances

Check out both live performances from Dj Frane and Collapsible Mammals.  They are in the two prior posts.  These were both very amazing performances.  Two different vibes, but both really can find a specific time and place in your life so check em.'  If you want to hear other mixes search by the label "mix" and you will find other tunes to enjoy.  Peace,


Dj Frane & Friends live 2/06/09

 Dj Frane came up one day with a slew of musicians and they just jammed.  Many of them had never played together before.  The only consistency in the band was that Frane asked them each to come up and play.  They were amazing!  I love listening to this. 

Click on the link below:

Dj Frane and Friends live 2/06/09

Collapsible Mammals live on 1/30/09

 So this is a live set by Collapsible Mammals and has guests Adam Avitabile on drums & Justin Cole on guitar.  This sounds great, I have not listened to it in forever, but really diggin it right now!  Hope you like it.

collapsible mammals live 1/30/09

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Set list 2/4/2011: the birth of Ned's Mystery Machine

Okay what is exciting about this night is that I decided that I will start a new show.  I decided this at about 11:03pm.  Stella is usually running late about 10-15 what that means is that I will take this time to play the music that does not fit into either of my shows and play it during this time.  This will be music that I am currently listening to and wanting to share, but just did not have the avenue to share it.  So please stay tuned for more of Ned's Mystery Machine. 

Recognition 9-10pm

Betty Wright- I love the way you love
New Birth- You are what I'm all about
Free Movement- Where do we go
Bloodstone-Wasted time
Joe Quarterman-Give me back my freedom
Ramsey Lewis-Jungle Strut
Henry Mancini- Tommy Gun (New Version)
Hodges, James & Smith- Turn the People on
The Counts- Thinking Single
The Family Vibes-Garbage Man
George Duke-Funny Funk
Isis-April Fool
Dyke & the Blazers-You are my sunshine
James Brown- I got the Feelin
Little Johnny Taylor-Sweet soul woman

Instrumental 10-11pm

Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Rahsaanica
Edgar Froese- af765
Gil Melle (Andromeda Strain)- Desert Trip
Isotope 217- Meta Bass
Grover Washington-Knucklehead
Larry Coryell- The Great Escape
Joe Farrell-Upon this Rock
Jimmy McGriff-Funky Junk
Ricahrd Davis- What'd you say

Ned's Mystery Machine 11pm- whenever Stella Shows up 

Aesop's Fables- What is love
La Logica Sarabandia- Guyaba
The Flirtations- Nothing but a Heartache

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What do you people want me to put on this blog?  Is there any set lists that I slept on or any sets that I can attempt to dig up that I have audio on or what?  I plan on getting up a few more live performances soon.  I will be putting up the Frane and friends live set.  Rona and I have been playing phone tag, but I am sure Healamonster & Tarsier will allow me to add their live instrumental set.  Is there any other live performances that people might be interested in and that I can dig up?  Might be able to dig up the OJO live performance also.  Let me know.