Wednesday, February 2, 2011


What do you people want me to put on this blog?  Is there any set lists that I slept on or any sets that I can attempt to dig up that I have audio on or what?  I plan on getting up a few more live performances soon.  I will be putting up the Frane and friends live set.  Rona and I have been playing phone tag, but I am sure Healamonster & Tarsier will allow me to add their live instrumental set.  Is there any other live performances that people might be interested in and that I can dig up?  Might be able to dig up the OJO live performance also.  Let me know.



  1. add a feature that allows you to subscribe to posts by email. look into feedburner, etc.

  2. Yusuf I learned as much as I know about computers because of you and now you want me to learn more! I've started the feedburner, but I'm hitting a wall with some of it. I will see what I can muster up. I have it set up, but is it a whole different blog I need to start? Do I need to redirect people?