Saturday, February 12, 2011

Set list 2/11/2011 Guest C. Mammals

So Mammals and I went mostly one for one up until the final show, the new show, Ned's Mystery Machine.  Then I just played a few tracks.  Here is the set list:

Recogntion 9-10pm

Cordon Bleu- Third line pt. 1
Gloria Lynne- I'll take you all the way there
Cold Blood- Let me down easy
Allan Tousaint- Fingers and Tows
Wat & Burton- Love is all around
Creative Source- Harlem
DArk Star- Holy Roller
Bobby Lyle- the Genie
Much Machine- Its for you
Companion- Living up to love
Warp 9- Light years away
Orange Juice Jones- the Rain

Instrumental 10-11pm

Cerrone 3- In the smoke
Hawaii 5-0 - Beach trip
Tortoise- (just a part of) Cliff Dweller Society
Miles Davis/ Bill Laswell- Rated x/Billy Preston
Lord Newbirth- Astro Blue
Madlib- Oakland, CA
Nosaj Thing- Cave
J Dilla- Shoomp
JC- Vocal Chords
Rockwilder remix of DITC- Thick (inst.)
Blockhead-11:35 (inst.)
Collapsible Mammals- Travel Theme #2
Flying Lotus-Stunts rmx
Young Jazz Rebels- Miss K
Margueritas- Margherita

Ned's Mystery Machine 11-Stella shows up

Telegraph Ave.- Something Going
Psychedelic Aliens-okponmo ni tsitsi emo le
Hugo Montenegro- Dizzy

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