Saturday, April 23, 2011

Okay here is my present concern.

All these mixes are being stored on dropbox.  My dropbox just hit capacity.  Which means I need to either spend $100 to be able to add a bunch more mixes or convince people who like my blog to take 3-5 minutes out of their life and open a dropbox account from my referal.  What this will do will temporarily easy my burden of needing more space (though it is just a bandage, but I don't have $100).  With your referral I will be given a bit of extra space.  It will cost you nothing to open an account and they will not send you any crap besides a welcome letter.  So please held me add music:

Thank you,


Friday, April 22, 2011

Okay People I owe you

I know I need to get last weeks set up and running.  It will be coming.  I got a busy day tomorrow, but if I can get up early enough I will get both tonight's set and last weeks set up.  I apologize.  That whole link mayhem really set me for a spin.  I am still struggling with this fancy computer age that we live in, but one day I will catch up.  Anyways hope you can tune in tonight, but if not you can check it later.  Peace,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So there is a problem with the links!!

Okay, it looks like my dropbox account has been suspended for to much traffic.  Dropbox is the mechanism which houses all of my mixes.  As happy as I am that people are digging the site this sucks!  So I will be trying to figure out how to resolve this problem.  Once again I know nothing about computers so I will attempt my best to resolve this issue or if worse comes to worse my links will work again in 3 days...Actually I just had an idea!  Hopefully it works and I should be up and running later today, well at least I can get yesterdays mix up. No promises, but wish me good luck.  Sorry for the inconvenience and if it is your first time here I hope you will return to hear. 


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Set list 4/8/2011

What up everybody!  So everything seemed to workout this week.  I was hanging out with Shoe and we did a little back and forth for the most part.  Occasionally either him or I would play a couple tracks.  Lot of chillin' and shooting the shit so the set is pretty kickback for the most part.  Big shout out to Shoe for spinning and hanging.  Hope you all enjoy it.  Right click on the titles if you want to download the mix.  I believe one of the mixes starts during the second song, I forget every week that I am suppose to record.  Oops!

Recogntion 4/8/2011

Luther Ingrem- How I miss my baby
Johnnie Taylor- Doing my own thing
Free Movement- Zulu King
Motherlode- When I die
Gil Scott-Heron- Winter in America
Soul Steppers- Steppin' Up
minnie Ripperton- Memory Band
Aretha Franklin- See Saw
Ohio Players- Spining
Betty Everett- What is it
Charles Wright- Silly Little Girl
Little Ann- Sweep it out in the shed
Curtis Mayfield- Can not find a way
Fela Kuti- Alagbon close

Instrumental 4/8/2011

Brother Jack McDuff- Hunk O'Funk
Cedar Walter- Off Minor
Freddie Robinson- Monkin' Around
Gabor Szabo- Three Fisher Kings
Mongo Santameria- Yesterday's Tomorrow
Ramsey Lewis- Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey
Bo Hansen- The Sun
Clark Hutchinson- Impromptu in E Minor
Miroslav Vitous- Aim your eye
Willie Mitchell- Bum Daddy

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/8/2011

Big Daddy Kane- Smooth Operator
Saint Tropez- Belle De Jour
Andy Votel- Canter
Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer- Earth

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Set list 4/1/2011

Hello Folks,
So it looks like I did a better job of recording this week so that's a plus.  I am still getting use to the recorder though and I think in the Recognition set there might be a 2-3second pause that happens during Footsteps in the Dark.  Well actually you will not notice the pause, but you will notice a part of the song that sounds like it skips and thats because I hit pause.  So with that said I hope you can forgive me and I hope you still enjoy the tunes.  Also I would love it if you could become a follower of this blog if you like it.  That would really brighten my day and its my bday in a few days so it could be a present to me.  Anyways thanks for checking out the blog.  Also if you did not know, before you click on the link you can right click and you can download the recording if you so please.  Much love & thanks for your time,

Recognition 4/1/2011

Clarence Carter- Jenning's Alley
Isley Brothers- Footsteps in the Dark
Tyrone Davis- In the Mood
Nina Simone- Don't let me be misunderstood
Buddy Miles- Down by the River
Cymande- Dove
Ripple- I don't know what it is, but it sure is funky
Honey Cone- Innocent til Proven Guilty
Rufus Thomas- Breakdown
Hidden Strength- Why does it feel so good
Yvonne Fair- Let your hair down
Funkadelic- Hit it & Quit it

Instrumental 4/1/2011

Heath Brothers- Smilin' Billy Suite
Lou Donaldson- Peepin'
Markettes- Out of limits
Dave Cruisin- Keep your eye on the Sparrow
Ceyleib People- Aton II
Collapsable Mammals- Travel Theme #2
Lazar Swords- Kuppa Boss Mode
Dark Party- Active
Venetian Snares- Felbomlasztott Mentokocsi
Victor Tostitos- Traffic w/ Guest Richard Last's let the devil laugh
Bobby Beausoleil- Lucifer Rising (soundtrack track #1)

Ned's Mystery Machine 4/1/2011

Soreng Sani- Iron Man
Larry Coryell- Soul Dirge
The Illusion- Run, Run, Run
Ohio Express- First Grade Teacher (the recording ends during this song due to lack of space)