Saturday, February 5, 2011

Set list 2/4/2011: the birth of Ned's Mystery Machine

Okay what is exciting about this night is that I decided that I will start a new show.  I decided this at about 11:03pm.  Stella is usually running late about 10-15 what that means is that I will take this time to play the music that does not fit into either of my shows and play it during this time.  This will be music that I am currently listening to and wanting to share, but just did not have the avenue to share it.  So please stay tuned for more of Ned's Mystery Machine. 

Recognition 9-10pm

Betty Wright- I love the way you love
New Birth- You are what I'm all about
Free Movement- Where do we go
Bloodstone-Wasted time
Joe Quarterman-Give me back my freedom
Ramsey Lewis-Jungle Strut
Henry Mancini- Tommy Gun (New Version)
Hodges, James & Smith- Turn the People on
The Counts- Thinking Single
The Family Vibes-Garbage Man
George Duke-Funny Funk
Isis-April Fool
Dyke & the Blazers-You are my sunshine
James Brown- I got the Feelin
Little Johnny Taylor-Sweet soul woman

Instrumental 10-11pm

Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Rahsaanica
Edgar Froese- af765
Gil Melle (Andromeda Strain)- Desert Trip
Isotope 217- Meta Bass
Grover Washington-Knucklehead
Larry Coryell- The Great Escape
Joe Farrell-Upon this Rock
Jimmy McGriff-Funky Junk
Ricahrd Davis- What'd you say

Ned's Mystery Machine 11pm- whenever Stella Shows up 

Aesop's Fables- What is love
La Logica Sarabandia- Guyaba
The Flirtations- Nothing but a Heartache

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