Sunday, January 30, 2011

1/28/2011 Guest: Deejay Frane

Sorry this took a couple days to get up, but its up so enjoy.  Unfortunately I do not have a recording of this show, but if you do or know someone who might please have them post it.  I would love to be able to listen to some of the tracks again.  Big shout out to Frane for coming up, hanging out, and spinnin' tunes.  We went one-for-one with me throwing on the first record.  I will try my best to read his writing.

Recognition 9-10pm

Latimore- Home fire burning
Bobby Rush- Mary Jane
Black Heat- Chicken Head
Horace Silver- Acid, Pot or Pills
Bobby Humphrey- Fun House
Full Speed- It must be love
Sly, Slick & Wicked- Love Gonna Pack Up
Frank Hutson- Old man me
Dells- Im a man
Don Julian & the Larks-Low Rider Girl
Luther Ingram- To the other man
Rufus Thomas- 60 Minute Man
King Floyd- Boby let me kiss you
Bohannon-Save their Souls
Candi Stanton- Love Chain
Eddie Hazel- California Dreaming
Eddie Holman-Stranded in a Dream

Instrumental 10-11pm

Cecil Holmes-Freddie's Dead
Jay Berliner-Hey western union man
Bill Conti-Reflections
Gil Evans-Bil Bad
Dj Quick- Quicks Groove III
Howard Robertson-Ode to Billy Joe
Once (soundtrack)-The crab, the turtle, and the pelican
Sopwith Camel (I can't read the writing, but thats what it looks like)-Brief Synthopia
Klaus Weiss-Funky Art
Neil Norman-Dance fo the Hyenas
Didn't you hear (soundtrack)-Dead tree
Lalo Schifrin & Jeffy Fielding- Scorpio
Meaty Ogre- Leo Prowls
Dj Frane- Boat Man
Eliot Lipp-Rhyme War
Dr. Octagon- 3000 (instrumental)
Dj Frane- Bonus Banana Funk
Shocking Blue- Acka Ragh
Bo Hansson-Attic Thoughts

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