Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am so confused

Ok so this is my first attempt at a blog and I am way confused.  I am a simple man who likes simple things and as cool as computers are and can be 90% of this high tec world is over my head.  Already I tried to make my blog look a certain way and as I type this everything I have done has already disappeared. 

Anyways the goal behind this blog is to put set list up that I have concocted.  Every Friday night between 9-11pm I do two radio shows for Kxlu.  From 9-10pm I do a show called "Recogntion."  This show is all about soul.  Much of what I play comes out of the late 60's to early to mid 70's.  Occasionally I might play a new artist that is a throw back to this period.  There may even be the occasional show that hits the late 70's to possibly the early 80's.  Definitly not that often because my personal tastes don't really travel often down those roads, but you know music for me is about moods.  If I am in that mood you better recognize I will drop it. 

To continue on, from about 10-11pm I do another show which is called "Instrumental."  This show I started almost 9 years ago.  This show grew out of the feeling that everyone I knew and would meet was really obsessed with singers and their voices.  I wanted to remind people that what makes music great is the instruments being played.  Anyone can listen to words and arrive at what the artist is trying to portray, but its harder to come to the same conclusion as the artist when it is all about the feeling that is being passed through the music.  With this being said "Instrumental" was born.  Some people love it, some people hate it.  I love it, maybe you do to.  This show is really about just kicking back and riding a vibe.  So there you have it.  This is my first entry into a blog that I hope I have the patience to keep up.  I hope you can find enjoyment in this.

Besides for just dropping set lists here I hope to also provide you folks with actual mixes or links to mixes that I have made here or there.  Thanks so much for your time,

Ned Learner
kxlu.com or 88.9 fm los angeles
Friday Nights 9-11pm

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