Saturday, January 15, 2011

C. Mammals & Ned Learner action on 6/18/2010

Ok so one thing that I am huge on is having guests on the show and doing a little back and forth action.  So in this mix we are switching off every other song.  This is just one mix for both Recognition and Instrumental.  I do have the set list here also:

Collapsible Mammels & Ned Learner mix 6/18/2010

Just a heads up I can barely read C. Mammals writing so I had to guess on a few of his...

Recognition 9-10pm

Roy Ayers- He's  a superstar
Beau Dollar- I wanna go where the soul tree goes
Soul Mann & the Brothers- Walk from Regio's
Electric Company- Easy Rider
Lou Rawls- Season of the Witch
The Box Tops- Sweet Cream Ladies forward March
Geoffrey Stoner- River Song
Wilson Picket- Let me know
Fantastic Four- My love wont stop at nothing

Air Break

Mermaids- Comedy & Tragedy
Bobbye Hall- Ovinu Makaynu
Packers- Hole in the Wall
Shuggie Otis- ??? (oops I forgot to write it down)
Talya Faro- We could learn together
Friends of Distinction- It's Sunday

Instrumental 10-11pm

Jimmy McGriff- The Worm
Schiffrin/ Gillespie- Incantation
???- Age of Aquarius (all I remeber was that this was some really cool version that was not the original).
Tomita- Aranjuez
Bernard Hermann- Birth Traumas
Dave Holland- Spheres
????-????? (again I think this was some wierd rare track the C. Mammals had been given digitally, but he had no idea who or what).
Mort Garson- Music to soothe the savage snake plant
Mexicans with Guns- Los Perritos
Lazer Sword- Koopa Boss Mode
Travis Wamack- Scratchy
Lee Michaels- ???
Harvey Mandel- Before Six
Jason Lindh-???
????- Caravan

Sorry the end gets a little crazy with track listings, but this all I have as of now.  Maybe C. Mammals can patch some of these holes one day. 

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