Sunday, March 13, 2011

Set list 3/4/2011 Fill in: Dj Shoe & Mr. Piklz

So I was out at a wedding this night so Shoe filled in and brought Mr. Piklz with him.  Big thanks to both of them for covering for me.  People been asking for this set list and luckily I found this set list up at the station on friday so if I can read the writing it should be an accurate description of what you heard.    Peace,

Recognition 9-10pm

Minnie Riperton- Les Fleur
Smokey Robinson- A legend in its own time
Allen Toussaint- World Wide
Cymande- Bra
Eddie Kendricks- Date with the Rain
James Brown- Blind Men can See It
Little Ann- Deep Shadows
Brenda Holloway- I've been good to you
Foster Sylvers- Hang on Sloopy
Stevie Wonder- Thursday heartbreak
Alvin Cash & the Crawlers- Twine Time
Laura Lee- Crumbs off the table
The 3 Degrees- You're the fool
Dionne Warwick- You're gonna need me
The Mad Lads- Gone are the promises of yesterday
The JB's- I wanna hug my baby @ the disco
James Brown- Mama feel Good
Charles Wright- Silly little girl

Instrumental 10-11pm

Al Stewarts MMB2- All is fair in love
Giorgio Moroder- Tears
David Axelrod- Merlin's prophecy/ Mental Traveler
Ramsey Lewis- Slipping into Darkness
John Coltrane- Spiral
O'Donel Levy- People make the world go round
Chico Hamilton- Outrageous
David Axelrod- Terri's Tune
Los Destellos- Tu Don De Estas?
King Crimson- Larks Tongue Aspic
Reverbs- Adagio
Dave Grusin- 3 Days of the Condor theme song
Disque de Levere- Mad Sex
Los Destellos- Me Resiqnane (can't read the writing)

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