Saturday, March 19, 2011

Set list 3/18/2011 Guest: The Markness

So Mark and I basically went back and forth through both of these sets.  Occasionally one of us would play a couple songs and Shoe was also up and hanging out and he dropped a track or two.  Good times, I hope you all enjoy.  Oh there was one downer for the evening... Ned Learner's Mystery Machine did not occur due to time constraints.  That just means the gems will pile up until the next mystery.  Finally I tried my best to read the Markness' writing, but I apologize for any mistakes that I have made.  Much love,

Recognition 3/18/11 9-10 pm

Elaine Brown- Child in the World
Bessie Griffin- Lord don't move the mountain
Melvin Johnson- Cold Duck Time
Freddie Robinson- Off the Cuff
Gene Harris- LosAlamitosLatinFunkLoveSong
Bobby Humphrey- Fun House
Yusef Lateef- Jungle Plum
Detroit Emeralds- You're getting a little too Smart
Rotary Connection- Hey Love
King Floyd- Here it is
Black Merda- Black Merda
Raeletts- Keep it to yourself
Miles Davis- Black Satin
Yusef Lateef- Tehnological Homosapien
Rahul Der Burman- Title music from the Burning Train

Instrumental 3/18/11 10-11pm

Giogio Moroder- Tears
Gerard Levecque & Claude Romat- Grey Pepper
Harvey Mandell- Baby Batter
Francois De Roubaix- Le Frite Equitoriale
Bo Hansson- Time & Space
Kalyanji Anandji- Theme Music (Sad)
Dunwitch Horror (soundtrack)- Necronomicon
Piero Umiliani- La Rinunciq (can't read his writing, I think this is right)
John Fahey- The Portland cement factory & Monolith Calif.
Ennio Morricone- Rodeo
O'Donel Levy- People Make the Wold Go Round
Edgar Froese- if 810
MRR/ADM- track 1 from "untitled 10 inch"
Didn't You Here (soundtrack)- Death talk & Jeep Ride
Combat!- Heavy Accent
Rarebit- Tape Shreds

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